Jul. 1st, 2011

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Been working and busy this week! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I've been working as teamleader. I like it and I make pretty good hours. Driving back and forth to the schools is also considered worktime so it adds up pretty fast :)

Yesterday was my friend Evy's wedding. I was master of ceremony so I was busy all day! First we went to Evy at 9:00 because San was going to help her with her hair and make-up. Went to the Orchideƫenhoeve where Evy and Remco were going to take pictures. Meanwhile I waited for the guests to arrive and San helped them further at the restaurant while we waited for Evy and Remco. Then it was time for the ceremony at the butterflygarden there. Taking more pictures with the familymembers. Finally got to sit down for a few minutes while we waited to leave for the receptionplace. It's funny because we left right after Evy and Remco each time but we arrived before them XD. At the receptionplace we fixed some stuff about the guestbook while they weren't there yet, I'm that good :p Welcomed the guests, talked to the chef about timing for the buffet and cake. Arranged for the bubbles to be blown, grouppicture to be taken, cake to be cut, people that wanted to do things (one aunt had something planned about hearts twice on the evening and Evy's sister-in-law wanted to play the violin for them). Talked to the DJ, made sure everyone was having fun, waved cool air into Evy's face. She was dancing all night. Around 11 we got everything together including left-over cake and we drove off at 11:30... Crikey, I never knew just what it meant :p So this day, baking the cake (our weddinggift), organizing the bacheloretteparty and San doing hair and make-up... Oi. Not to mention my poor feet. So glad I took today off.

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