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And then we're out of a nanny -_-

Bad Leo

Mar. 20th, 2012 08:15 am
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Wow, I haven't been here in ages... Nowadays Facebook is the only "community" I somewhat keep up with.
Half my time is taken up by work (4 days of 5 hours) and the other half I'm mom and wife trying to do some housechores in between.
Sleeping is still an issue. Last night was quite alright though, I think I only got up 5 times and had San walk once. San is exhausted though, bad nights are slowly breaking her spirit.
San started her own company, nanny agency. We've had 4 potential nannies apply already, within the first week! Concept website (will be improved): www.lilivisje.nl
So yeah, I'm doing a little better in the sleep department. During the night I'm exhausted, but by 7 I just get up and go to work. I'm also feeling a bit better depression wise since I use Vitamin B complex.
The reason I keep up with Facebook (Leontien van der Meer) is that I can use San's smartphone (still don't have one of my own). I enjoy taking pictures of Minnow and post them there. It's easy and fast. So, look me up if you want to see Minnow grow :) Can't believe he's almost 5 months old already!
He's doing great by the way. We took him to a manual therapist for his neck and hips and that helped a lot. He's rolling, putting his legs up in the air, putting everything in his mouth... I've started weening him so by the time he's 6 months old I'll not be breastfeeding anymore. Still have mixed feelings about it because I love being able to do it, but I have a few cracks in my nipples again and I don't want to go through all that again.
Right, he needs attention... I normally don't have time on my laptop at all, only time it's on is at work :p Gotta go!
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Happy birthday Frieda!


Sep. 25th, 2011 10:23 am
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We,re enjoying a much deserved holiday in Austria! We left home on Friday, drove all day and found a hotel in Werneck, Germany. Saturday we continued our journey to Neukirchen am Grossvenediger in Austria. Arrived around 4 PM and the appartment is fantastic! We also have a great bed and awesome view. We,re content :)
I,m using my old laptop which is a bit broken. I can,t use the five, six, underscore and obviously the ,,,,, up in the air :p Anyway, we,re happy to have internet so we can do our daily rounds, download movies to watch and San can use her mobile to feed her Tapfish, check TweeDeck and Facebook. Haha, we,re sooo bad at leaving behind technology.
Anyway, I will (I swear) share pictures with you soon.
We,re relaxing today after the long sits in the car and will probably take a drive to see some waterfalls tomorrow.
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I GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had my presentation/assessment today, about the thesis. We graduated with an 8!
Also heared my Internationalisation assignment was approved with a 7 so now I'm all done!
Chapter called "school" is hereby closed!!!!

I'll get my diploma on the 22nd of September, but it's DONE!



Aug. 10th, 2011 04:26 pm
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So, I have a job. 24 hours a week as a secretary. My boss is really funny and I believe I make him happy with my proactivity. Never thought I'd say that about myself... Anyway, he likes things handled fast and I like to not have loose ends either. So, he just posted a package to the UK and asked me by textmessage if I had time, and only if I would, if I could send an email to the recipient to tell her it's posted and the trackingnumber. So, I do that right away after starting up the computer. I text him back saying I sent the email and I get a text back that just says "kiss". Haha, he's so happy with me ^_^ Makes me proud to be a good employee.

On the other hand I'm slacking with my Zombie Swap custom, my Internationalisation still isn't finished (waiting for sis-in-law to send me answers to questions, but her grandma is very ill) and I feel I should do some more things for school. Janneke is on holiday right now, but maybe I can start up building the powerpoint... Also no energy to do some pre-work for painting in the babyroom this weekend...

My days consist of: getting up and getting ready, going to work till... depends, get groceries/do more work at home or other appointment, relax on the couch doing silly games on the computer and wait till dinner's ready, eat and then watch tv till bedtime, sleep. I feel I'm working most of the time :p
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Gosh I'm tired. Not doing anything today.

Thesis was approved so we're defending it on the 25th of August. Still have to do some stuff for Internationalisation. Any one off my friendlist work in a social profession that I can interview about how stuff works where you live?

Last week was the last week of my teamleader tempjob. Worked 5 days, getting up around 5 AM. -_-zzzzzzzzzz I liked the work though but so early! I'm applying for new tempjobs now. I had an interview on Wednesday but they turned me down. My resume is supposed to be sent in for 2 other jobs now so I hope I hear from those soon. I think it's going to be hard to get something though, with my growing belly and all. I really want to be working as long as possible, also for the maternityleave.

We have a guest dog right now. Picked Bo, the black 6 months old labrador, up from San's aunt on Saturday. We were really looking forward to having a black lab around again. I'm glad it's for 3 weeks and then he's off to his own house again. Lots of work! Especially since he's young (but highly trainable) so he pulls on his leash a lot. He also is a bit nervous here still so he needs to go out more often and he only pees once or twice on a walk! Drinks a lot though.

So, I'm tired. Worked all week and Bo kept us up last night. I think I slept for 3 hours. I also have a cold from the airco in the car I drove on Tuesday. Started with a soar throat but now I'm mostly coughing and have a running nose. Definitely camping out on the couch today :p I'm kindda glad I didn't get the job on Wednesday because I'd have been working today if I did. Now I have a little time for myself.
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Been working and busy this week! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I've been working as teamleader. I like it and I make pretty good hours. Driving back and forth to the schools is also considered worktime so it adds up pretty fast :)

Yesterday was my friend Evy's wedding. I was master of ceremony so I was busy all day! First we went to Evy at 9:00 because San was going to help her with her hair and make-up. Went to the Orchideëenhoeve where Evy and Remco were going to take pictures. Meanwhile I waited for the guests to arrive and San helped them further at the restaurant while we waited for Evy and Remco. Then it was time for the ceremony at the butterflygarden there. Taking more pictures with the familymembers. Finally got to sit down for a few minutes while we waited to leave for the receptionplace. It's funny because we left right after Evy and Remco each time but we arrived before them XD. At the receptionplace we fixed some stuff about the guestbook while they weren't there yet, I'm that good :p Welcomed the guests, talked to the chef about timing for the buffet and cake. Arranged for the bubbles to be blown, grouppicture to be taken, cake to be cut, people that wanted to do things (one aunt had something planned about hearts twice on the evening and Evy's sister-in-law wanted to play the violin for them). Talked to the DJ, made sure everyone was having fun, waved cool air into Evy's face. She was dancing all night. Around 11 we got everything together including left-over cake and we drove off at 11:30... Crikey, I never knew just what it meant :p So this day, baking the cake (our weddinggift), organizing the bacheloretteparty and San doing hair and make-up... Oi. Not to mention my poor feet. So glad I took today off.
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We've been away for a few days. Was great to be out! Also started my job as teamleader at Van Dijk.

Wednesday: first workday. Fun fun! I love being in the highschool environment. I got hit on by some guy ^_^ Funny. I was in Alkmaar the first day, not being the teamleader myself but one of the assistents as I'm new to the process. Next Friday I'm also assistent. We'll be going to Den Haag then.

Thursday: left for Calais around 9 AM. Lots of traffic, jams and rain. We only stopped once (instead of twice) and arrived at the campsite just before 3 PM @_@ Quickly loaded stuff we needed to the in-laws' car as they put their caravan in place and rushed to the ferry. We were just in time! The ferry took longer to get across the Channel as the wind was blowing in the wrong way and then we had to wait 20 more minutes before we could enter Dover harbour. So, late late late. Luckily we had no more trafficjams in the UK. We arrived at the hotel in Bournemouth around 9 PM UK time, so that's 10 European time. Means we travelled for 13 hours @_@ Terrible... We went to see Pepijn in Poole for a bit and to discuss what time we were needed where the next day. Back in the hotel went to bed... which was a very hard bed so not a nice night. When I had to pee early in the morning I hit my toe against the bath, it didn't swell though so it's alright.

Friday: got up at 7.30, took a shower, got dressed up and had a quick breakfast on our way to Poole. Arrived at Pepijn's, waited for other guests, went to Poole townhall. The reason for our mini holiday: Pepijn (San's brother) and Karen's wedding! They looked really nice. The ceremony was quick and emotional. Karen had to cry while saying her vows, moms too ofcourse. So sweet! After the ceremony we went back to their place for drinks and (cup)cake. It was a terribly rainy day but luckily Pepijn had set up partytents in the backyard. It was still cold though so most of the guests stayed in the kitchen. Karen's mom and grandma were mostly in the livingroom. Had a barbecue in the afternoon/evening. San drank a lot :p and had fun with Pepijn's friends. I tried to mingle a bit and had a little chat with different people including grandma. Karen also got some wishballoons that you put up in the air with fire underneath, if you know what I mean. San and I took one of them and it went really high :) One of the others landed in a tree nearby but luckily nothing caught fire. We took a taxi back to the hotel.

Saturday: left the hotel before 10 AM UK time and had a nice trip back to Dover. So nice in fact that we arrived an hour and a half early and were able to catch an earlier ferry! We arrived in the harbour, drove on to our lane and within 10 minutes we boarded the ferry! Good winddirections this time so we also arrived 90 minutes early at the campsite near Calais. Put up our iglotent, got our bed ready and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon, dinner and evening before bed. The airbed was much more comfortable than the bed in the hotel so we were looking forward to a good rest. I did sleep better but San couldn't sleep because of the rain. I ofcourse had to pee early in the morning and couldn't find San's slippers. Went out barefeet instead :p

Sunday: we were awake around 8, or better said we gave up trying to sleep at that time. Took a shower, had breakfast with fresh french bread and packed up our stuff. The in-laws holiday had now really started, they were going into France further looking for the sun. They may end up in Italy even, depending on where they find a good place to stay. We however had to return home. We went via Rotterdam to visit my friend Marjolein who just had her baby 3 and a half weeks ago. She's sooooo small, she's called Tamarinde. We got home around 6 PM.

Vet called

May. 7th, 2011 10:31 am
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So, we expected Rocky's testresults on Tuesday but the vet called yesterday. As we suspected Rocky has lymphnotecancer throughout his body. She took the biopts from every lymphnote so that's why we know it's spread. We can start the prednison on Monday and then see how it goes. She wants contact by telephone every other week and if things go well for a longer period she'll want to see him again. She expects he will last between 1 and 3 months :( Sad but expected. We will spoil him rotten!


May. 4th, 2011 07:28 pm
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Rocky, our black lab, has been itching terribly. During the night he wakes us up with his scratching and biting. Today San took him to the vet because we've already ruled out fleas and change of diet (which he hasn't).
Since he's also lost weight without eating less and the lumps he already had (diagnosed as fatlumps) and the new ones we found we had already thought about cancer. And that's what the vet thinks too. Probably lymphnote cancer since all his lymphnotes are enlarged. She took biops and we'll hear the results on Tuesday.
We had already talked about what we want to do when cancer came into play since labradors are likely to get it. We decided not to go into chemo or surgery and just let it go untill Rocky isn't happy anymore or suffering from it. He's currently still active (though getting tired outside more quickly), playful and happy (when not scratching, but he's more often not scratching).
The vet said chemo isn't an option anyway with me being pregnant. She understood not wanting to put Rocky through all the hassle. He's almost 10 years old now. So, we're just spoiling him a bit more now (he had already taken over one of our couches and has 2 baby matrasses to sleep on).
We'll start him on prednison to delay the process and reduce the itch on Tuesday when we have the results. We can expect to loose him within a years time. Guess baby will not remember Rocky if he's still here when baby comes anyway.
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Had a great Easter weekend. Gorgeous weather and nice people.
Friday after dinner we went to my in-laws. Pep and Karen came over from the UK and Karen's kids came along. Watched Harry Potter 7 part 1 on Blue-ray. Slept in the caravan in the backyard because we were with so many. On Saturday we went to the zoo in Emmen. Wonderful! Lots of baby animals. Sunday we "kidnapped" the kids and went to Rio. Great movie, hormones made me cry :p Barbeque in the afternoon with opa and oma. Then went home.
Monday went to Prenatal to look at carseats.
Tuesday all day at school for the thesis. Threw up when I got home.
Wednesday all day at school again.
Tomorrow work. Friday at school. Saturday: QUEENSDAY!
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Yesterday afternoon Sanderyn's oma Niemeijer died. Her kidneys had completely stopped functioning on Friday. We were at the hospital on Saturday but the medical staff wouldn't let us go in anymore. She was very tired from all the visits she had had already so we were "too late". Still feels nice that we did go, we showed we care. Anyway, yesterday her fight came to an end and we're all glad it came sooner rather than later. She was 84 years old. She went knowing we were expecting the first great-grandchild that will be baring the familyname. I keep thinking she went to see grandpa again who died 2 years ago. She missed him a lot.

Rest in peace grandma.
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I jump easily these days... Like in Modern Family in the halloween episode at the beginning someone's hand get cut off in a halloween prank... Eventhough I know it's a comedyseries I jump, with scream and all :p I get shocked more too, not just more often but heavier.
This morning I was driving and a jumped at something moving in the backseat (was delivering boxes and one slide over to the other side). It was so heavy that I lost control of the wheel and steered right into a bump in the middle of the road and barely missed a pole! Luckily nobody was near the car at the time. I was however driving with someone next to me who ofcourse lost faith in my drivingskills :p Was the first time she drove with me and only the second time I met her (she's the one that took my place at the internship place).
Anyway, I'm ok, the car's ok, she's ok. Just shocked and ofcourse really tired etc at the end of the day.
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Last week I tested on Monday, Thursday and Friday at the school in Emmen. Really liked it. I have 5 more kids to test so just tomorrow left and I'm done in Emmen. I also got permission forms from a school in Amersfoort, 26 positives! So, lots of work to do if we decide to take them all on. I can tell Pearson to send other testleaders to do a part of them. On Tuesday I'm meeting Janneke (my partner in the project) for deskresearch.

On Wednesday there's a meeting with a teamleader from my studies because some of us students want to complain about part of the curriculum. We have to get 3 points for Internationalisation which means we have to do 3 tasks. We've got little to no information about this so most of us still have to do all of this and have no idea where to start. Also we think we get too little points for the size of the tasks. And to top it all it's not mentioned on our studycontract so why would we have to do it? For the internship it says 756 hours equals 30 points and for the thesis it says 756 hours equals 27 point because we need to have somewhere to fill the 3 points for Internationalisation. So, complaining it is. I said I want to be in on the talk because I'm also part of the commission about my study so I feel I should know what's going on. I've also mentioned the bad information about Internationalisation at the last meeting of the commission.

In other news we've bought lots of clear boxes to store my ponies in. Will start cleaning up and putting individual ponies in bags soon. Can't wait to change that room around :)
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Monday I had my first testing day for the thesis project. I loooove testing and I love being able to work with kids again. I've so missed this during my internship!
The test is supposed to take 35-45 minutes so I make my scedule on the 45 per kid end. That way I could test 5 kids a day. Well, on Monday they were so quick I tested 7! Though 1 did end up going home 15 minutes late for lunchbreak... oops! They all said they liked the tests and more so the presents :p They each get to pick a present for cooperating ;)

Yesterday I did some stuff around the house and went to say hi at my internship place. Was nice ^_^ though my ex-boss wasn't there. I'll probably call her tomorrow when I have my lunchbreak.

Today I'm doing some scoring of tests and ask for more testnumbers. All the scores are ofcourse anonymous so names are replaced with numbers. I got 5 more forms on Monday so they need numbers too.

Tomorrow and Friday I'm back in Emmen for more testing ^_^ It so much fun because I love the testing and scoring but also the working with kids and the schoolenvironment. Also socialising with the teachers and discussing learning disabilities. It's so me! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to do this and I'm sure this is what I want to do for the rest of my carreer.


Mar. 11th, 2011 07:33 pm
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I´ve opened some posts from last month for everyone and for the baby filter. There are some baby things in the everyone posts (about our trip to Copenhagen), but if you want to read more just post you want in the baby group ;)

It´s been really hard not to say anything to all you, but we wanted to tell our parents first. That happened today so you´re one of the first to know :)
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Yesterday I got a text from the employmentagency if I wanted to deliver mail today and tomorrow in Hattem by car. So I called in and signed up ^_^ Been working from 8:00 till 14:30 today, sorting, delivering and sorting the next portion. So tomorrow I won't have to go to the depot first but I can start delivering right from home and then check in at the end of the round.
Meanwhile I've been cleaning at an office this week from Tuesday till Friday. They did mention something about maybe needing someone next week too but I won't. Seeing as we have appointments in the evenings next week and I really need to do stuff for school.

Went to Ede (Tuesday) and Emmen (Wednesday) to visit schools that want in on our thesisproject. Next week we should know how many kids we can test and then start the week after (so March 14). We also have an appointment next week with another school in Amersfoort, but we're not sure if we "need" them anymore. Oh well, always good to have extra options.

Black Swan

Feb. 28th, 2011 10:45 am
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We saw Black Swan yesterday with mom and sis. I can totally understand the Oscar nominations. They're supposed to be handed out this week right? Exciting!
<3 Ballet, <3 lesbian scenes, <3 the horror vibe, <3 Swan Lake music.
I used to have a tape with music from Swan Lake. I listened to it a lot.

A few days ago we bathed Sterre. Her fur had been greasy for a while and then she got diarhea so it was a good time to wash her completely. Now she smells like baby shampoo and is all fluffy and white again :)
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I got the job :D I'll be a teamleader at Van Dijk in June/July. YAY!
This was my first real interview, not counting the one for my internship because it didn't feel like I was competing with others for it. It was a nice conversation. I think he liked my resume to begin with and I was dressed up nice and quite relaxed and selfconfident. I feel good ^_^
So yay! At least I'll be working in that period for sure :D
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