Feb. 8th, 2011

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I've got a very temporary job atm. Yesterday San called me (since she now works for an imployment agency again). They needed someone for a cleaning job in a school asap. Well, I've been looking for a job and this was only for 2 hours a day from monday-thursday this week... Sure! So yesterday I started and thursday is my last day XD I get paid just over 8 euro an hour so I'm making almost 70 euro this week, nice. I clean tables, whipe floors, close windows, open curtains etc. I do feel I'm a little too much of a perfectionist for this job... I took too long yesterday but then again I've never done this before and I think I've found out what the easiest way is. I do 2 halls which have about 7 classrooms on them. Only 1 of them has the tables cleaned, next day it's the other hall. Grossest thing I've found so far... a half eaten bun with butter and black/white sprinkles, sprinkles all around. Oh, that and a pepernoot which must have been there for at least 2 months (I wonder if that room ever gets cleaned, it was really dusty too).

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