Jan. 10th, 2011

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Last week I lost 1 kg :)

Monday: steps (hard! so fast...)
Thursday: zumba and pilates (zumba also fast but dancing makes it fun and less straining, pilates nice cooling down but also hard)
Friday: cardio (working out for bout an hour: walking, biking, cross trainer and walking stairs... ouch).

I feel very accomplished work-out-wise. Tonight it's steps again, we'll see how that goes. San isn't doing the steps again, too hard on her back. So she'll be doing the cardio routine tonight too. She lost 1,3kg last week btw :)

Friday was mom's Bday, she turned 55. We helped pay for an external harddrive since her computer crashed and they want to try save the files off it. We went to Amsterdam for a day out. Went to the museum of bags and purses with the bags mom made and gave us for Sinterklaas. We had a high tea there which was lovely but quite small (only 1 scone each?? ofcourse more lovely other stuff but San and I were glad mom and sis didn't eat everything). So walking around Amsterdam and then cardio in the evening... tough!

Working on finishing off the last bits of my internship. I have my evaluation on Jan 27th, need to turn in my report on the 20th, but having it checked by my coach on the 17th, so needs to be done the 16th. Only this week left! It's crazy it'll be over soon. I can't wait to start my endproject though.

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