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We've been away for a few days. Was great to be out! Also started my job as teamleader at Van Dijk.

Wednesday: first workday. Fun fun! I love being in the highschool environment. I got hit on by some guy ^_^ Funny. I was in Alkmaar the first day, not being the teamleader myself but one of the assistents as I'm new to the process. Next Friday I'm also assistent. We'll be going to Den Haag then.

Thursday: left for Calais around 9 AM. Lots of traffic, jams and rain. We only stopped once (instead of twice) and arrived at the campsite just before 3 PM @_@ Quickly loaded stuff we needed to the in-laws' car as they put their caravan in place and rushed to the ferry. We were just in time! The ferry took longer to get across the Channel as the wind was blowing in the wrong way and then we had to wait 20 more minutes before we could enter Dover harbour. So, late late late. Luckily we had no more trafficjams in the UK. We arrived at the hotel in Bournemouth around 9 PM UK time, so that's 10 European time. Means we travelled for 13 hours @_@ Terrible... We went to see Pepijn in Poole for a bit and to discuss what time we were needed where the next day. Back in the hotel went to bed... which was a very hard bed so not a nice night. When I had to pee early in the morning I hit my toe against the bath, it didn't swell though so it's alright.

Friday: got up at 7.30, took a shower, got dressed up and had a quick breakfast on our way to Poole. Arrived at Pepijn's, waited for other guests, went to Poole townhall. The reason for our mini holiday: Pepijn (San's brother) and Karen's wedding! They looked really nice. The ceremony was quick and emotional. Karen had to cry while saying her vows, moms too ofcourse. So sweet! After the ceremony we went back to their place for drinks and (cup)cake. It was a terribly rainy day but luckily Pepijn had set up partytents in the backyard. It was still cold though so most of the guests stayed in the kitchen. Karen's mom and grandma were mostly in the livingroom. Had a barbecue in the afternoon/evening. San drank a lot :p and had fun with Pepijn's friends. I tried to mingle a bit and had a little chat with different people including grandma. Karen also got some wishballoons that you put up in the air with fire underneath, if you know what I mean. San and I took one of them and it went really high :) One of the others landed in a tree nearby but luckily nothing caught fire. We took a taxi back to the hotel.

Saturday: left the hotel before 10 AM UK time and had a nice trip back to Dover. So nice in fact that we arrived an hour and a half early and were able to catch an earlier ferry! We arrived in the harbour, drove on to our lane and within 10 minutes we boarded the ferry! Good winddirections this time so we also arrived 90 minutes early at the campsite near Calais. Put up our iglotent, got our bed ready and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon, dinner and evening before bed. The airbed was much more comfortable than the bed in the hotel so we were looking forward to a good rest. I did sleep better but San couldn't sleep because of the rain. I ofcourse had to pee early in the morning and couldn't find San's slippers. Went out barefeet instead :p

Sunday: we were awake around 8, or better said we gave up trying to sleep at that time. Took a shower, had breakfast with fresh french bread and packed up our stuff. The in-laws holiday had now really started, they were going into France further looking for the sun. They may end up in Italy even, depending on where they find a good place to stay. We however had to return home. We went via Rotterdam to visit my friend Marjolein who just had her baby 3 and a half weeks ago. She's sooooo small, she's called Tamarinde. We got home around 6 PM.

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Do you have weddingpics? Always nice to see weddingpics.

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