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Monday I had my first testing day for the thesis project. I loooove testing and I love being able to work with kids again. I've so missed this during my internship!
The test is supposed to take 35-45 minutes so I make my scedule on the 45 per kid end. That way I could test 5 kids a day. Well, on Monday they were so quick I tested 7! Though 1 did end up going home 15 minutes late for lunchbreak... oops! They all said they liked the tests and more so the presents :p They each get to pick a present for cooperating ;)

Yesterday I did some stuff around the house and went to say hi at my internship place. Was nice ^_^ though my ex-boss wasn't there. I'll probably call her tomorrow when I have my lunchbreak.

Today I'm doing some scoring of tests and ask for more testnumbers. All the scores are ofcourse anonymous so names are replaced with numbers. I got 5 more forms on Monday so they need numbers too.

Tomorrow and Friday I'm back in Emmen for more testing ^_^ It so much fun because I love the testing and scoring but also the working with kids and the schoolenvironment. Also socialising with the teachers and discussing learning disabilities. It's so me! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to do this and I'm sure this is what I want to do for the rest of my carreer.
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