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I can't wait to go to Zumba tonight. Feel like excersising! We've decided to let the Pilates go for now though. Somehow my name got taken off the list while I've always either gone or gave them notice that I wouldn't. Ah well, Zumba feels better to me anyway.
I weigh 88.2 this morning. YAY. It's been going with ups and downs but now it seems 87 is very near and I haven't gotten this low again in a long time. I haven't even really been doing anything for it. It seems my digestion is going at a better pace. I guess excersising may have to do with that.

I have an interview at Van Dijk Educatie tomorrow. It's for a summerjob in June and July, for taking in books from students. The function is called teamleader and basicly means I have to drive the bus with a group of people that take in the books. I have to answer questions and lead and coach the team. Sounds like fun. I love books, I like driving and I like the schoolenvironment. It'll be all over the country, nice! So yeah, interview tomorrow.

As for the final schoolproject, we're waiting and doing a bit of deskresearch. We had appointments at schools for last week but they both got cancelled due to illness. We hadn't thought of this week being a holiday so now we "lost" 1 week of work. New appointment are made for next week Tuesday and Wednesday.

I've also done another round of employmentagencies yesterday. I really need to work even if it's not in my field. So I've signed up for maildelivery (mostly tv guides) on the Wednesdays and Thursdays. They also signed me up for more cleaning work and waitressing. We'll see if I get called in for anything.

March 4th the new Pokemon game will be released. I still have my coupon I got for Christmas at Doomijn. I can use it at some stores that sell games and it's for 35 euro. So, I won't have to pay much myself anymore when I get it :) I'm getting White, my sister wants Black. Perfect because I prefered to get White but I left it up to her.

Right, time to do some schoolwork and then fold laundry and wash dishes ;)
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Back home.
Today has been great and really cold. We wanted to go to the Glyptotek museum this morning but it turned out it wasn´t open yet. We did not want to and couldn´t wait till 11 for it to open so we walked back to the station to get the suitcase from the safe (waste of money :p). Went to the airport right away so we had hours to spend there. Did some window shopping and had Yum Yum Noodles for lunch. Flight back was lovely, just like the flight up to Copenhagen. We arrived at a good time for the train so we could pretty much walk right through after we got our suitcase. In Zwolle we stopped for fries and walked home. We were home around 6 PM. An hour later we picked up Rocky at Sharmayn and Danny´s. I´m sure we´ll sleep well tonight!
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So it´s done. Acupuncture took the longest and was the scariest :p First talk with Giulia about the procedure. Then 20 minutes acupuncture, then the insemination itself which took like 1 minute and then 30 more minutes of acupuncture :) Had a little cramp all day and some very minor bloodloss as was told beforehand. It´s all normal ;) Giulia could see I was very close to the ovulation so it was really perfect timing.

We had a lovely lunch at our favourite buffet restaurant Butterfly. Went in and out of shops since I was told not to get too cold because my body would need energy elsewhere and not for warming me up. We built a bear at Build-a-Bear, or actually it´s a rabbit called Lille Kanin (little rabbit in danish). We gave it a I <3 Denmark t-shirt :) Our possible baby´s first stuffed animal. Ofcourse gave it a heart with a wish.
Relaxed at the hotel and went to the Imax for a nature movie. Was a bit disappointing because it cost 310 Kroner, which is about 40 euros (so 20 euros each) and only lasted for 30 minutes. Also technical problems with the sound took about 30 minutes to solve beforehand. Thankfully there was another small movie you could also watch afterwards so we also had 20 minutes of sharks. Walked back to the hotel since it´s only about 15 minutes away.
We have to check out before 10 tomorrow morning. We want to take the suitcase to the station and then visit the Glyptotek museum if we make everything in time.

Strange to think I might already be pregnant. We can test on day 16 after the insemination if I don´t get my period. So, Monday March 7th we will know.
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I just called Vitanova to tell Giulia (the Italian midwife) about my positive test last night. We have an appointment for 11:00! So, right now San is taking a shower, then we go and have breakfast, then I take a shower and then we´ll take the bus and walk to Vitanova :D Today is the day we hopefully conceive our first baby.
*over the moon*
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I´m ovulating! Tonight it´s positive. We´ll call Vitanova in the morning to set the date :) Somewhere tomorrow afternoon I´ll be inseminated :D

Meanwhile we walked a lot today! First we went to the Kastelet by bus and saw the real Lille Havfrue. We saw the replica in May because she was away in China. Anyway, we walked to the cemetary where Hans Christian Anderson is burried, visited the grave. We also visited the Artmuseum and saw the Picasso exposition. Fun! Walked to the Forum and needed to pee badly so we walked back to the hotel since we were quite close to it. Took a little break and went out again. Walked to the Fisketorvet, a big shopping center. Then walked back to near the hotel and had dinner at some place. It was not the best food in Copenhagen by far... Went to the supermarket on the corner on the way back to the hotel to buy some yummies. Had a nice shower and now we´re relaxing and watching some Tudors on the laptop.

Oh and in the morning when we opened the curtains it was snowing! It feels -11, -12 outside (it really is between -1 and -5). COLD!
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This morning we left at 7:10 to take the bus to the station. The bus was late but we made the train. Luckily we didn't have any jumpers like last night so we arrived at the airport right on time. We had already checked in online so we could go through to the gate right away. Plane left at 11:00 as sceduled.
We arrived in Copenhagen a little early and we got our suitcase.
went to see the new clinic since they moved
walked around the city, we remember everything so no need for maps
had yummy chocolate cake in Nyhavn like in May
Walked on StrØget back to the bus
Chilled at the hotel, got some groceries and had dinner at the pizzaria nearby. San had lasagna, I had spaghetti bolognese. Mmmmmm.
Time for chilling now and a good night's sleep!
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Yesterday I had a class at school and I would be home at quarter to 8 in the evening. I ended up being home around 10...
We were near the destination when appearantly someone jumped in front of the train. We stopped and had to wait for the forensic team to be done with the investigation and for the firemen to clean the train. Urgh.
San picked me up at the station because I'd have to wait for the bus and be home even later otherwise.
I've never had this happen to one of "my" trains before and didn't know how long it took to sort that out. Appearantly the average time is 2 hours.
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So, last week I worked as a cleaning lady in a highschool. It was interesting and I wouldn't mind doing it more often if they need someone. No luck on jobs that are more fit for me yet. Got a few rejections and for some the term hasn't closed yet.

This afternoon I'll be at my internship bureau to present what I did the past half year to the board. Exciting!

Tomorrow I have and appointment at a primairy school to talk about the final project, see if they're in and how many kids they can provide for testing. Also Wednesdat morning we go to another school for the same thing. I need to check if we have forms for the parents yet or otherwise I have to make them :p
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I've got a very temporary job atm. Yesterday San called me (since she now works for an imployment agency again). They needed someone for a cleaning job in a school asap. Well, I've been looking for a job and this was only for 2 hours a day from monday-thursday this week... Sure! So yesterday I started and thursday is my last day XD I get paid just over 8 euro an hour so I'm making almost 70 euro this week, nice. I clean tables, whipe floors, close windows, open curtains etc. I do feel I'm a little too much of a perfectionist for this job... I took too long yesterday but then again I've never done this before and I think I've found out what the easiest way is. I do 2 halls which have about 7 classrooms on them. Only 1 of them has the tables cleaned, next day it's the other hall. Grossest thing I've found so far... a half eaten bun with butter and black/white sprinkles, sprinkles all around. Oh, that and a pepernoot which must have been there for at least 2 months (I wonder if that room ever gets cleaned, it was really dusty too).
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So, pfhew. Last Thursday I finished up most of my internship stuff. Next thursday I have my final evaluation. My "boss" at the workplace gave me a 7 as final grade which is good. I'm slowly getting nervous about the conversation to come :p

Meanwhile I'm getting into my final project and looking for a job. Going by the employmentagencies this afternoon and uploaded my resume online. Hopefully I find something that has to do with kids but any job will do right now. Just need to try get something before getting pregnant etc.

I've asked for an extention on the Steampunk custom swap at the Arena. First time I've asked for one, I feel inadequate now :p I still have sculpting to do as well as painting the sculpted parts. I hope I find more free time this week to finish her.
I've done 2 simple customs in the meantime, G2 mom and baby Sweettooth. Waiting for the dutch commissioner to tell me when she can meet up and take them off me. I'm getting 25 euros for them. Getting a little fed up with her bad communication...
Also need to take pictures of my G3 for sale/custom.

Lots to do!


Jan. 23rd, 2011 01:34 pm
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I've got my new laptop! My old one was slowly dying so insead of waiting for it to crash I got myself a new one. My cellphone was due for a new contract so I got one with a laptop :) 2 years ago I got my Wii that way. Anyway, it arrived yesterday, an HP 620 with Windows 7 on it. Very excited. This is probably the last time I'm updating from my old laptop :)
My old laptop I got in 2007, so it's 3 and a half years old now. It takes about 5 minutes to start up and 3 minutes to shut down, really! I usually exaggerate and say it takes 10 minutes to start up because that's how it feels, so 5 is really how long it takes. It also get very warm on the bottom and sometimes shuts down by itself probably because it gets too hot. So yeah, time for a new one!
Mom's desktop crashed 2 weeks ago (San is fixing it). She got an external harddisk so we're going to use that to easily transfer all my files to the new laptop. When I got my old laptop my desktop had crashed and I lost everything. Don't want that to happen now! Back then I lost all my Mooshea (adoptable) files, don't want to lose my schoolstuff this time. Most of my pictures I have online so I could get them even if he quality is worse that way. For the Mooshae it was just not possible to save them from online because the files would not be ok to work from.
Anyway, cleaned up my files just now to get them ready for transfering. The new laptop looks so smart! My old one is just a simple black thing, the new one is silverish and metallike. Very business like! No problem using it for workstuff if I get a nice job.
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Last week I lost 1 kg :)

Monday: steps (hard! so fast...)
Thursday: zumba and pilates (zumba also fast but dancing makes it fun and less straining, pilates nice cooling down but also hard)
Friday: cardio (working out for bout an hour: walking, biking, cross trainer and walking stairs... ouch).

I feel very accomplished work-out-wise. Tonight it's steps again, we'll see how that goes. San isn't doing the steps again, too hard on her back. So she'll be doing the cardio routine tonight too. She lost 1,3kg last week btw :)

Friday was mom's Bday, she turned 55. We helped pay for an external harddrive since her computer crashed and they want to try save the files off it. We went to Amsterdam for a day out. Went to the museum of bags and purses with the bags mom made and gave us for Sinterklaas. We had a high tea there which was lovely but quite small (only 1 scone each?? ofcourse more lovely other stuff but San and I were glad mom and sis didn't eat everything). So walking around Amsterdam and then cardio in the evening... tough!

Working on finishing off the last bits of my internship. I have my evaluation on Jan 27th, need to turn in my report on the 20th, but having it checked by my coach on the 17th, so needs to be done the 16th. Only this week left! It's crazy it'll be over soon. I can't wait to start my endproject though.


Jan. 5th, 2011 12:37 pm
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On sunday (2nd) San and I weighed in. Me: 91.5 kg. That's 3 kg over the past 2 weeks >_o
On monday we registered at the gym and joined the Step class right away. Tomorrow I'm going for a Zumba class and San will do Pilates. Then Friday we get the "intake" so they will give us a tour and weigh us etc.

Getting started with the resolutions right away :)
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Happy 2011 everyone!

We had a great time. San had her Bday on the 30th (she turned 31). With all our friends we bought her plates and cups etc for giving High Tea parties from Pip Studios. She has enough now for 9 people (cups, saucers and dessertplates), a teapot, a cakeplateau, bowl, sugarpot and milkjug. All in mixed colors (pink/red, blue and khaki).

Yesterday we had Marjolein and Roeland (with baby on the way), Wouter and Edwin over. Marjolein and Roeland stayed over like last year. We also had mom's dog Haru here since she went to my grandparents which is a couple of hours by public transport and Haru is a scaredy dog. Anyway, he was totally frantic with the fireworks. I'll definitely tell mom to use the relaxing pills we gave Rocky (I asked her but she thought it wouldn't be neccesary). Rocky was still barking, but a loooooot less than last year.

New years resolutions:
- update Livejournal more often
- go to the gym and excercise more
- no alcohol this year
- loose 5 kg in the next 2 months
- get pregnant (want in on the baby journal, LMK)
- get a job
- get my Bachelor diploma
- get a real job
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] berrytown!!!!

I hope you have a great day!
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Our car died. San has been traveling to work by train again (when she wasn't at home with the flu). We're looking around for a new one and tomorrow some guy comes to buy what's left of our car. It would cost 2500-3000 euro to fix it so now we're selling it for 75 euro ;) San made good use of it since we got it in May. Pity it died so soon, but that's what you get with used cars.

We also lost one of our budgies. Kaelan had a big lump (probably fat) on his tummy for a while and we already expected him not to last much longer. Saturday we found him on the bottom of the cage with his legs up. He was breathing very heavily so we helped him a little... Strange to do but he wouldn't have recoved. I'm ok with him going, he wasn't my favourite and as I said we saw it coming.

In better news I decided to change my donorregistration. I wasn't a donor at first but now I've changed it to yes. As time goes by you start to realise what it means to need an organ. They had a great campaign on tv about it. If you want to receive an organ when you need it, why don't you donate when you don't need it anymore? Years ago this wouldn't mean so much to me, but having gone through mom's heartproblems and getting older myself, being a mom in the (near) future... Yeah, it was time to do it ;)

Meanwhile my internship is still ongoing. I have times where I'm doing absolutely nothing, sitting behind my computer clicking Pokemon eggs... other times I chat with my fellow interns when they're here (they have school in this period too, I don't) or I'm at the locations which is fun because I love being among the kids or I'm working on papers mostly for school. This week is the in-between evaluation of my internship. Means I have to fill out the online form of how I'm doing with my goals. Procastinating much :p

RIP Kaelan


Sep. 3rd, 2010 07:45 pm
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Picture we got from the previous owner
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Wales was great, though I must admit I prefer to go on holiday without parents or with own transportation. In the car for hours every day to just drive around with music I know less than half off... not really how I planned it. Seen lots of nice things though and going away even for just a week is great.

Monday I started on my internship at the daycare. Or actually I'm at the central building this week and next week. After that I'll go to my locations where I have things to do.

Tuesday... we went to get our new cat. I was at the daycare till 3, then San and I watched Cats 101 on Animal Planet before dinner and saw this awesome breed, the Siberian. We went to Marktplaats which is an advert site and checked to see pretty pictures of Siberian cats... There was an ad without a picture but with a story similar to our Ragdoll Sterre. Hans has a genetic defect which makes him a dwarf of his kind. He's 1 year old, not neutered yet... Well, ofcourse we had to email to get a picture. And since I told San to email there must have been something inside me scream that this was our cat. San has been looking at pretty cats since January when we put Nermal down, but I've always said: awwww cute, but NO. Anyway, a few hours after we first saw the breed on tv we were in Hilversum (1 hour away from home) to pick up Hans... He's grey, about 2 and a half kilos and soooo cuddly! He also listens when you call him, Hansieeeeee! San wants to rename him Ozzy because it kindda sounds like Hansie and she thinks he looks like an Ozzy (more of a Freud to me :p) Pictures will come when Sterre, Frits and Rocky are more used to him.


Aug. 21st, 2010 09:22 am
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]posting from the car while on the highway (not driving ofcoure).
We´re on holiday for a week. Going to Wales with in-laws, brother etc. Rocky is at his holidayhome.
We´ll be back next week!


Jul. 19th, 2010 10:20 am
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Sorry for being such a lowsy LJer. I do read you all and sympathise with your up and down periods.
My life just doesn't seem interesting enough to update :p I'm currently enjoying my summerholiday. Meaning San and I argue at times about things to be done around the house (she working fulltime and I sitting on my lazy ass browsing the internet reading MLParena...).

Anyway. I was just updating my baby filter and came across a little thing I did want to share with everyone. Yesterday San told me about this and it actually brought (happy) tears to my eyes because it touched me so... Silly :p
In America scientists have bred a species of mosquitos that are resistant to malaria! The malaria resistant gene is dominant which means if these mosquitos breed with mosquitos that are infected or non-resistant their offspring will be resistant! Which means in the long run the malaria can no longer be transfered by mosquitos because they'll all be resistant to it! How awesome is that! I'm so moved by biologists using their skill, knowledge and fascination for such a perpose. At first I thought: yay... more mosquitos... But then I realised what it would mean for the world to be able to rid us from an aweful disease like malaria.
I told you it was silly but I really could barely hold back the tears :p Since biology is still one of my great passions and to use it for the good of the world is just wonderful.

Alright. That was my little brainfart and addition to your daily ponderings. I shall now return to my rock and crawl under it to see if the laundry is ready to be hung up on the balcony yet :p
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