Aug. 10th, 2011 04:26 pm
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So, I have a job. 24 hours a week as a secretary. My boss is really funny and I believe I make him happy with my proactivity. Never thought I'd say that about myself... Anyway, he likes things handled fast and I like to not have loose ends either. So, he just posted a package to the UK and asked me by textmessage if I had time, and only if I would, if I could send an email to the recipient to tell her it's posted and the trackingnumber. So, I do that right away after starting up the computer. I text him back saying I sent the email and I get a text back that just says "kiss". Haha, he's so happy with me ^_^ Makes me proud to be a good employee.

On the other hand I'm slacking with my Zombie Swap custom, my Internationalisation still isn't finished (waiting for sis-in-law to send me answers to questions, but her grandma is very ill) and I feel I should do some more things for school. Janneke is on holiday right now, but maybe I can start up building the powerpoint... Also no energy to do some pre-work for painting in the babyroom this weekend...

My days consist of: getting up and getting ready, going to work till... depends, get groceries/do more work at home or other appointment, relax on the couch doing silly games on the computer and wait till dinner's ready, eat and then watch tv till bedtime, sleep. I feel I'm working most of the time :p
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