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Gosh I'm tired. Not doing anything today.

Thesis was approved so we're defending it on the 25th of August. Still have to do some stuff for Internationalisation. Any one off my friendlist work in a social profession that I can interview about how stuff works where you live?

Last week was the last week of my teamleader tempjob. Worked 5 days, getting up around 5 AM. -_-zzzzzzzzzz I liked the work though but so early! I'm applying for new tempjobs now. I had an interview on Wednesday but they turned me down. My resume is supposed to be sent in for 2 other jobs now so I hope I hear from those soon. I think it's going to be hard to get something though, with my growing belly and all. I really want to be working as long as possible, also for the maternityleave.

We have a guest dog right now. Picked Bo, the black 6 months old labrador, up from San's aunt on Saturday. We were really looking forward to having a black lab around again. I'm glad it's for 3 weeks and then he's off to his own house again. Lots of work! Especially since he's young (but highly trainable) so he pulls on his leash a lot. He also is a bit nervous here still so he needs to go out more often and he only pees once or twice on a walk! Drinks a lot though.

So, I'm tired. Worked all week and Bo kept us up last night. I think I slept for 3 hours. I also have a cold from the airco in the car I drove on Tuesday. Started with a soar throat but now I'm mostly coughing and have a running nose. Definitely camping out on the couch today :p I'm kindda glad I didn't get the job on Wednesday because I'd have been working today if I did. Now I have a little time for myself.

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