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Last week I tested on Monday, Thursday and Friday at the school in Emmen. Really liked it. I have 5 more kids to test so just tomorrow left and I'm done in Emmen. I also got permission forms from a school in Amersfoort, 26 positives! So, lots of work to do if we decide to take them all on. I can tell Pearson to send other testleaders to do a part of them. On Tuesday I'm meeting Janneke (my partner in the project) for deskresearch.

On Wednesday there's a meeting with a teamleader from my studies because some of us students want to complain about part of the curriculum. We have to get 3 points for Internationalisation which means we have to do 3 tasks. We've got little to no information about this so most of us still have to do all of this and have no idea where to start. Also we think we get too little points for the size of the tasks. And to top it all it's not mentioned on our studycontract so why would we have to do it? For the internship it says 756 hours equals 30 points and for the thesis it says 756 hours equals 27 point because we need to have somewhere to fill the 3 points for Internationalisation. So, complaining it is. I said I want to be in on the talk because I'm also part of the commission about my study so I feel I should know what's going on. I've also mentioned the bad information about Internationalisation at the last meeting of the commission.

In other news we've bought lots of clear boxes to store my ponies in. Will start cleaning up and putting individual ponies in bags soon. Can't wait to change that room around :)

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