Feb. 24th, 2011

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I can't wait to go to Zumba tonight. Feel like excersising! We've decided to let the Pilates go for now though. Somehow my name got taken off the list while I've always either gone or gave them notice that I wouldn't. Ah well, Zumba feels better to me anyway.
I weigh 88.2 this morning. YAY. It's been going with ups and downs but now it seems 87 is very near and I haven't gotten this low again in a long time. I haven't even really been doing anything for it. It seems my digestion is going at a better pace. I guess excersising may have to do with that.

I have an interview at Van Dijk Educatie tomorrow. It's for a summerjob in June and July, for taking in books from students. The function is called teamleader and basicly means I have to drive the bus with a group of people that take in the books. I have to answer questions and lead and coach the team. Sounds like fun. I love books, I like driving and I like the schoolenvironment. It'll be all over the country, nice! So yeah, interview tomorrow.

As for the final schoolproject, we're waiting and doing a bit of deskresearch. We had appointments at schools for last week but they both got cancelled due to illness. We hadn't thought of this week being a holiday so now we "lost" 1 week of work. New appointment are made for next week Tuesday and Wednesday.

I've also done another round of employmentagencies yesterday. I really need to work even if it's not in my field. So I've signed up for maildelivery (mostly tv guides) on the Wednesdays and Thursdays. They also signed me up for more cleaning work and waitressing. We'll see if I get called in for anything.

March 4th the new Pokemon game will be released. I still have my coupon I got for Christmas at Doomijn. I can use it at some stores that sell games and it's for 35 euro. So, I won't have to pay much myself anymore when I get it :) I'm getting White, my sister wants Black. Perfect because I prefered to get White but I left it up to her.

Right, time to do some schoolwork and then fold laundry and wash dishes ;)

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