Feb. 19th, 2011

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I just called Vitanova to tell Giulia (the Italian midwife) about my positive test last night. We have an appointment for 11:00! So, right now San is taking a shower, then we go and have breakfast, then I take a shower and then we´ll take the bus and walk to Vitanova :D Today is the day we hopefully conceive our first baby.
*over the moon*
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So it´s done. Acupuncture took the longest and was the scariest :p First talk with Giulia about the procedure. Then 20 minutes acupuncture, then the insemination itself which took like 1 minute and then 30 more minutes of acupuncture :) Had a little cramp all day and some very minor bloodloss as was told beforehand. It´s all normal ;) Giulia could see I was very close to the ovulation so it was really perfect timing.

We had a lovely lunch at our favourite buffet restaurant Butterfly. Went in and out of shops since I was told not to get too cold because my body would need energy elsewhere and not for warming me up. We built a bear at Build-a-Bear, or actually it´s a rabbit called Lille Kanin (little rabbit in danish). We gave it a I <3 Denmark t-shirt :) Our possible baby´s first stuffed animal. Ofcourse gave it a heart with a wish.
Relaxed at the hotel and went to the Imax for a nature movie. Was a bit disappointing because it cost 310 Kroner, which is about 40 euros (so 20 euros each) and only lasted for 30 minutes. Also technical problems with the sound took about 30 minutes to solve beforehand. Thankfully there was another small movie you could also watch afterwards so we also had 20 minutes of sharks. Walked back to the hotel since it´s only about 15 minutes away.
We have to check out before 10 tomorrow morning. We want to take the suitcase to the station and then visit the Glyptotek museum if we make everything in time.

Strange to think I might already be pregnant. We can test on day 16 after the insemination if I don´t get my period. So, Monday March 7th we will know.

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