Feb. 18th, 2011

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I´m ovulating! Tonight it´s positive. We´ll call Vitanova in the morning to set the date :) Somewhere tomorrow afternoon I´ll be inseminated :D

Meanwhile we walked a lot today! First we went to the Kastelet by bus and saw the real Lille Havfrue. We saw the replica in May because she was away in China. Anyway, we walked to the cemetary where Hans Christian Anderson is burried, visited the grave. We also visited the Artmuseum and saw the Picasso exposition. Fun! Walked to the Forum and needed to pee badly so we walked back to the hotel since we were quite close to it. Took a little break and went out again. Walked to the Fisketorvet, a big shopping center. Then walked back to near the hotel and had dinner at some place. It was not the best food in Copenhagen by far... Went to the supermarket on the corner on the way back to the hotel to buy some yummies. Had a nice shower and now we´re relaxing and watching some Tudors on the laptop.

Oh and in the morning when we opened the curtains it was snowing! It feels -11, -12 outside (it really is between -1 and -5). COLD!

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