Jan. 31st, 2011

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So, pfhew. Last Thursday I finished up most of my internship stuff. Next thursday I have my final evaluation. My "boss" at the workplace gave me a 7 as final grade which is good. I'm slowly getting nervous about the conversation to come :p

Meanwhile I'm getting into my final project and looking for a job. Going by the employmentagencies this afternoon and uploaded my resume online. Hopefully I find something that has to do with kids but any job will do right now. Just need to try get something before getting pregnant etc.

I've asked for an extention on the Steampunk custom swap at the Arena. First time I've asked for one, I feel inadequate now :p I still have sculpting to do as well as painting the sculpted parts. I hope I find more free time this week to finish her.
I've done 2 simple customs in the meantime, G2 mom and baby Sweettooth. Waiting for the dutch commissioner to tell me when she can meet up and take them off me. I'm getting 25 euros for them. Getting a little fed up with her bad communication...
Also need to take pictures of my G3 for sale/custom.

Lots to do!

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